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Under Two Captains – The Autobiography of John Jacob Lehmanowsky

Under Two Captains – The Autobiography of John Jacob Lehmanowsky

“Why then do I write my tale of a life?” John Jacob Lehmanowsky asks the reader in his introduction. “Not from vanity or from love of this world: but to set forth…the fact of the guiding hand of Almighty God in my life and in the life of the world…In one life among the untold billions that have appeared on earth and are now gone, as well as in the conduct of the vast universe, God is present.”

The events of Lehmanowsky’s life seem almost beyond belief. Yet they are authenticated facts1. Born in Warsaw in 1773 to a Jewish family, as a young man he converted to Christianity. Through a series of events he became known to Napoleon, and took part in many campaigns including the destruction of the Inquisition at Madrid. He escaped from Austerlitz, and later prison. As an immigrant to the US, he served the church in many ways, and was a friend to Lafayette, Henry Clay, and others.

There’s a mistaken idea that Christian men are effeminate. The Centurion who believed Christ and courageous military officers like Col. Lehmanowsky squelch that notion.

May our brother’s memory as captured in this book live on in the hearts and minds of a new generation. Thank you dear Lord, for heroes. Amen.

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  1. “Preface to the Original 1902 Edition” 


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